I am always looking for outstanding and highly motivated people to join my team. At the moment I am hiring interns, MS & PhD students, postdocs and research scientists in the following areas:

a) optimization for machine learning  
b) theory of deep learning
c) federated learning (I am co-inventor of FL: [2] [3] [4])
d) collaboration with Tong Zhang on optimization & machine learning


If you would like to visit my Lab as an intern, send me an email and explain why you are interested in this. Include a CV and a transcript of university grades. Interns can spend anywhere between several weeks to 6 months at KAUST. We have several internship programs, including:

- 3-6 months stay requirement
- eligible regions/countries: Europe (this includes Turkey and Russia), North America (USA & Canada), Australasia (Australia & NZ), Latin America, South Korea, Japan, Singapore.
- I have 4 VSRP projects open: i) Gradient compression for distributed training of machine learning models, ii) Towards a principled understanding of deep learning, iii) Federated learning, iv) Topics in machine learning and optimization

b) VS
- 1-6 months stay requirement
- eligible countries: all. 

Should I get interested in your profile, I will direct you to the right program.  Internships come complete with a salary, flight ticket, free on-campus accommodation, health insurance, and visa fee reimbursement.

MS/PhD and PhD positions

If you have a BS degree, apply to our combined MS/PhD program. If all goes well, you will get an MS degree in 1.5 years (3 semesters), and will then continue towards your PhD. So, if you start in August in year Y, you will get your MS degree in December in year Y+1, and will continue as a PhD student from January of year Y+2. If you have an MS degree already, apply directly to the PhD program. PhD at KAUST takes a minimum of 2.5 years. We accept students for entry in Fall (August) and Spring (January). However, most students start in the Fall. There are several application rounds throughout the year, and hence you can essentially apply at any time. Apply here.

I can supervise students in all programs in the CEMSE division: AMCS (Applied Mathematics & Computational Science), CS (Computer Science), EE (Electrical Engineering) and STAT (Statistics). My current students study in all of these programs except for EE.

Postdocs and Research Scientists

I always have postdoc and research scientist positions open for outstanding applicants. The initial application process is quite informal. Send to me your CV, transcript of grades and explain why you are interested to join my team. If I like your profile, I will ask you to secure 2-3 reference letters to be sent directly to me (if you have letters written for you already, feel free to ask your letter writers to send their letters to me right away). Should your application get shortlisted, a Skype interview will be arranged.